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04:51:30 AM Jul 21st 2015
Shouldn't Pluto get its own page now thanks to learning more abut it via New Horizons?
10:25:02 PM Nov 20th 2014
Looking at the planets' characteristics and imagining how they'd translate into Anthropomorphic Personification, and taking into account cutting-edge theories and Origin Story ideas, I could see the perfect fodder for a Slice of Life comedy.
11:49:56 AM Mar 10th 2011
Am I the only one who finds the demotion of Pluto to be hilarious from a mythological standpoint? Eris' discovery causes bitter arguments among astronomers and results in Pluto getting demoted. It's like the Greek Gods are still up to business as usual.
10:23:05 PM Nov 20th 2014
I thought that was pretty funny too, but it's not the only example. Jupiter is actually the second brightest planet in the sky, and no one could've guessed it was actually the largest when it got its name. Looks like Meaningful Name and Hilarious in Hindsight are very much in effect here.
07:18:20 AM Sep 26th 2010
The fatwah against Pluto is Political correctness gone Mad. It wall started when someone discovered the planet Xena and its moon Gabrielle. Creationists insisted that Xena must not be a planet and devised a definition that excluded Pluto too.

Pluto was fatwahed because it is the smallest planet in the Solar System. So now Mercury is the smallest and will be fatwahed and then Mars etc. untill Jupiter is the only planet and therefore the smallest and therefore fatwahed.

Pluto is fatwahed because it has not swept up all the stuff in its orbit. Neither has Neptune. Meteors are because neither has Earth. Schumacher-Levi shows that Jupiter is not a new definition planet either.

They also defined that a planet goes around the Sun therefore all planets that orbit other stars don't exist either. They would say that wouldn't they?
06:27:46 PM Feb 24th 2012
Now now, the current IAU definition of a planet says that it must orbit A STAR — any star — not that it must orbit the sun. (Admittedly, this is an iteration on the earlier definition.)

How they distinguish between extrasolar planets and extrasolar brown dwarfs, though, is a tad more nebulous. (No pun intended.)
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