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01:36:26 PM Jan 15th 2013
This article, I swear this article is just too much. It's entire purpose isn't to document the Arab Winter, but to provide Libya war propaganda and excusing all the government's actions towards Libya. Axe and rewrite the article now.
07:56:50 PM Jun 26th 2013
Which government's actions towards Libya? And towards which Libyan government? What are you even saying?
03:13:01 AM Dec 9th 2013
It is quite simple. This article reads almost entirely as one-sided propaganda for Western intervention in Libya as being some kind of amazing, panacea for the people which fixed their problems and only those darn nasty Chinks and Russkies stood in their way because, lets be honest, they hate good. All they want is evil, evil, evil, unlike the Anglo-Atlantic Hegemon which proudly defends everything right with the world.

That, I believe, is what he means by 'too much'. This article is like some kind of nauseating op-ed in a online news site detailing why intervening in Libya was great, and America always wanted to do it they were just being held back, but intervening in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia or, heavens forbid, Israel? Nah that would just be straight wrong.

Guh, it even has the clichéd 'Iran is once again doing evil, look at Iran, its so evil, its going to destroy all good' part thrown in. Seriously I had no idea Tv Tropes accepted such tacky and biased sentiments. Very disappointing.
06:12:24 PM Dec 25th 2013
I've deleted most of the article and am starting afresh, using the Gaddafi page as a rubrik to follow.
11:40:14 AM Jan 3rd 2014
@FF Shinra I agree that deleting this was understandable, and I look foreward t whatever ocmes of it.

But that being said @doomsday524:

For the sake of the argument (and I for one did notice it was rather imperfect coverage), can you please give some actual concrete reasons detailing How this was "one-sided propaganda", how removing Gaddafi *wasn't* "some kind of amazing panacea for the people", and the like?

Because frankly, if sounds like you've got an even bigger axe to grind than this page ever did (even at the time when I felt i had to cut out an entire section of the Libyan coverage for being horrendously biased against the Iraq and Afghan wars), and the "Arab Winter" is also eyebrow raising.

So if you can provide some actual facts, reasonings, and arguments, I'd be happy to see them. But until then, you'll forgive me if your credibility isn't the best right now.

Protip: flashing hyperbole left and right isn't going to win you many favors.
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