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12:48:47 PM Nov 12th 2015
Should we add PewDiePie to the Famous Swedes list?
01:24:02 AM May 23rd 2013
Should we mention the fact that Sweden has loads of non-belivers?
04:29:43 AM May 24th 2013
If it fits nicely into the current flow of the article, then sure. I don't see it as a fact that must be on there or which would necessarily merit its own section, however.
09:59:25 AM Mar 19th 2014
Isn't Sweden full of muslims nowadays?
03:35:16 PM Oct 31st 2010
I'm not entirely on board with the military bit. Sure, it's Useful Notes, but this is still a site for media and depistion in the media, and the page is about a country that is pretty much forgotten on that department. Is is really necessary?
03:28:50 PM Nov 20th 2010
edited by SpiritOfSahara
I completely agree. I live in Sweden myself and was surprised about the details about the military (in fact, there's been a lot of disarming, leading to some discussions whether or not the nation's army is actually big enough to protect the darn thing). I thought we had a bigger reputation of being commies according to Fox News socialist.

And, seriously: "Sweden also hands out the various Nobel Prizes, which are like the Academy Awards for people too ugly to be allowed into Hollywood. "

It this supposed to be a joke?!
04:07:12 PM Nov 20th 2010
Well... yes. It seems pretty obvious that it's intended to be a joke.

This article doesn't exactly seem to take itself terribly seriously.
04:21:19 AM Nov 21st 2010
...Um, yeah, it does look very much like a joke.

Either way - this is supposed to be Useful Notes, while the information in it doesn't seem terribly useful. I vote for a complete or partial overhaul. Well, nobody's going to do it for me, so I might start tweaking some stuff these following days.
10:16:52 AM Jun 1st 2011
The section on the Polish language on Useful Notes/Poland made me want something similar for this page. I've created a bare-bones version so far. Any suggestions?

Swedish language.

What stumps most non-native speakers of Swedish is the "genders" of Swedish nouns. "Genders" in citation marks.

Swedish nouns are divided into two groups: en-nouns and ett-nouns.

En-nouns work like this:

[En] [katt] = [A] [cat]. [Katt][en] = [The] [cat]. [Katt][er] = [Cat][s]. An "en" before the noun in indefinite form and an "-en" tacked on at the end of the noun in definite form. Pluralized thusly: [the noun][a specific vowel][r].

While ett-nouns work like this: [Ett] [hus] = [A] [house]. [Hus][et] = [The] [house]. [Hus] = [Houses]. An "ett" before the noun in indefinite form and an "-et" tacked on at the end of the noun in definite form. Not pluralized.

There is no rule as to which group any given noun belongs to.

The Swedish alphabet is identical to the English, except with three extra letters:

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