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04:52:32 AM Dec 19th 2013
Before I actually edit anything here, I would like to point out a problem concerning the political landscape of Norway. The Socialist Left (SV) is not considered that "far left" after eight years of ruling with the Labour party. Recent development locally hammers them down to opportunists likely to side with the far right Progress party and selling out on ideals. Thus, the "far left" should be replaced with a "moderate left", and we have to make space for the other leftists, the Reds (the call themselves that), who calls the SV out on it every time they screw up, and that is quite common these days...
02:07:57 PM Nov 5th 2013
I was thinking if we can make a large bullet point "single issue parties" as a sort of super-group to Greens, Pirates, Regionalists and so on. They could still be listed as Greens or Pirates under their respective countries, but grouped together in general description, to mark their focus on a specific issue rather than a place on left-right spectrum, even if they often fall into a relatively narrow range on it.
10:50:45 PM Jun 16th 2013
Switching up Greece a little. Cool? I think it should be okay.
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