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09:48:15 AM Jun 7th 2017

I'm in the fickin community and I have never heard of that term in my entire time in the community, or my time online for that matter. Otakukin sounds more like a term a troll would use. Does anyone have any record of such a term being used....unironically?
10:15:09 AM May 24th 2014
Re cut: Ignoring for a moment that this page exists to define a fandom term (it's not "trivia"), I do not see any substantial bias beyond certain paragraphs, and nothing that can't be fixed with some editing or in the Repair Shop.
09:14:29 AM Feb 13th 2014
edited by
I know the importance of keeping articles from becoming hate-addled pan-fests, but let's try to keep this article from going in the opposite direction.
04:17:54 PM Sep 8th 2012
So, why does this article have to be yet another "lol cr@zy ppl who think deyr annumuls" thing, instead of an actual page, you know, actually describing otherkin in a non-negative manner for once?
08:21:19 PM Oct 2nd 2012
edited by Scardoll
I removed one of the more negative parts.

I think Otherkin sound nuts. I also think that there's no need to be so negative on what is essentially Useful Notes.
06:49:42 PM Nov 14th 2012
I would like to note that, as a Therian myself, that the main page of this is inaccurate at best. There are some things that are accurate, but Therianthropy and Otherkin collectively is much more complex that what is given. Both Theri and Otherkin (I personally refer both as 'Kin and don't see much difference) have very similar experiences, and most are normal people living normal lives.
10:27:24 AM Nov 16th 2012
I'm still confused as to the purpose of this article at all. It is not relevant to anything else on tvtropes. Why is it here? This is not ED, people.
08:51:11 AM Feb 13th 2014
I dunno, I think equating something like transgenderism to an unhealthy obsession with whatever animal's currently cool warrants a bit of criticism. As for the negative parts of the article, see Jerkass Has a Point.
09:56:45 PM Mar 10th 2010
Not sure who originally contested this, but here are my two cents: This is a real thing, somewhat related to Furry Fandom and various pagan beliefs. I don't see any point to it on this wiki in its current form, though, nor can I think of a way to repurpose it.
03:21:15 AM Mar 12th 2010
It could be a Useful Notes if we put something in about it being something some Furries believe and put it under Philosophy. It would make better sense in a Useful Notes article on Furry Fandom written by someone who knows about it. (and not someone who has only watched that stupid, badly researched CSI episode. Talk to one group and apply it to everyone!)
05:21:03 AM Mar 22nd 2010
I have no clue who wrote this article or where they got their information, but as someone who identifies as otherkin I must say that NONE of the communities I belong to hold any such beliefs. The world was never a classic fantasy setting, and anyone who claims such would probably be laughed at. Please, do some research.

Also, while the otherkin and furry communities can sometimes overlap, they are two entirely different things. Furries are merely fans of anthropomorphic characters, while otherkin hold complex spiritual or psychological beliefs.

Excuse my anonymous response, but for the sake of avoiding ridicule (as much as possible), it was necessary. I am obsessed with this site and would hate to see misinformation being spread. Thank you.
02:52:33 AM May 4th 2010
edited by FastEddie
Re cut request: This defines a fandom term. If it needs to do it that better, that is what needs fixing.
01:52:25 AM Jul 6th 2010
This needs a major re-write, for many Otherkin is Religious. If I was an otherkin I'd find it very offensive to have my Religion Called an ' Very Odd Fandom'
01:41:00 PM Jul 6th 2010
05:52:36 AM Aug 31st 2011
I went and added a few things to it a few months ago.

Useful Notes would be fine, I suppose. However, the nonymous person posting under IP is absolutely correct. The Otherkin and therianthropy communities have NO relation to the Furry Fandom and it's not a "fandom term." I'm personally both a therian and a furry, and I can attest that both despise being confused for the other.

Otherkin-ity (for the lack of a better term) and therianthropy can be either mental or spiritual. It's not a religion, though some people make it overlap/incorporate it with their beliefs.
10:56:04 PM Jun 24th 2012
Isn't this the premise of Shadowrun?
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