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01:10:35 PM Feb 17th 2015
Players of Note:

As this entry grows, team entries for players of note get more and more bloated, and there's also some confusion with players who played meaningful seasons for multiple teams. How do folks feel about changing it to the MLB page format, with players divided into "retired" and "active" instead of by team?
05:42:58 AM Feb 18th 2015
There really shouldn't be a big "Players of note" section. We're not a sports site, we're a site about tropes in fiction. I do think there should be a players of note section, but it should be players who have seriously impacted fiction (Jordan, Rodman, Bird, Lebron, Yao Ming, etc... players who have either appeared in fiction or had a lot of Shout Outs that people genuinely might need a useful note for them) rather than just every player someone feels like adding. That's not really the point of the site, you know?
08:38:52 AM Feb 10th 2016
Should we also add "Coaches of Note" as well?
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