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10:02:17 AM Aug 21st 2011
Why is this page called "Kaiju Defense Force?" I'm not aware of any name for the JSDF that has the word Kaiju in it. Is it a misrendering of Kaijo (note the "o") Jieitai, which is the name for the maritime branch?
06:13:56 PM Aug 21st 2011
edited by CrypticMirror
hint: which country is famous for having Kaiju stomping over it? Each armed forces page gets a title which reflects their appearance in pop-culture (for example Brits with Battleships due to Britain being over-represented in Naval appearances, or Russians with Rusting Rockets for post-Soviet decaying Russian armed forces) just Japan's SDF is famous for being on the receiving end of Curb Stomp Battles with Godzilla et al.
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