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05:17:15 PM May 3rd 2013
"Similar industries to Psychopathic Records are often described as "cottage industries": a business that exists for a product that very few people want, named for cottage cheese, which is not a popular product, but continues to exist because it is still bought by some people, despite not being a major seller by any means."

Cottage cheese predates the term "cottage industries". Both refer to home production rather than industrial scale. Cottage cheese was made in the home from leftover milk, cottage industries are undertaken within private residences and other nonindustrial buildings. Contrary to the article, cottage cheese is a healthy seller in every market I've worked (3, admittedly all in California). Cottage industries may work on a small scale, but that doesn't mean the product is in low demand either; in-home day cares are very common.

...unless this article is a troll. Little help?
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