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10:19:37 AM Oct 3rd 2013
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Re: the "atai" and "ashi" example, because it's all wrong.

"Atai" is lower-class and flippant. It was originally used by women in certain red light districts, later on it spread out, even later on it spread to girls cultivating a "bad girl" image. It's also a Kagoshima regional variant on "atashi."

"Ashi" as such is not a recognized personal pronoun (which is not surprising seeing that it's homonyms with "ashi" meaning "leg"). "Asshi" is, but that doesn't have anything to do with little girls either, it's an old-fashioned, mostly unisex pronoun that was primarily used by lower-class workers.
10:57:26 PM Mar 23rd 2013
According to this video, Japanese Pinkie Pie uses "atashi". Audio quality's not that great on account of it being a video camera, but I didn't hear a "wuh" sound (plus "atashi" would make sense given her personality)...
10:10:36 PM Oct 26th 2012
Haman Karn from Gundam ZZ would have used "wagahai" to address herself if it were not Tomino's character limitation by sex.
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