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03:16:48 PM Dec 15th 2011
This trope uses the term gnosticism to refer specifically to a small group of VERY old Christians that are actually called Sophist Christians, they are polytheistic. Yet gnosticism is actually a term used to describe ANY non-mainstream (or long dead) form of Christianity (and Judaism to a much lesser degree).
07:27:35 PM Mar 17th 2013
The Manichean group were many things but they were not small and the Mandean religion is neither Christian nor Jewish...though I never liked grouping them in with the other Gnostic sects on account of how different their belief are from those Christian/Jew offshoots but the fact they are categorized makes this statement hard to buy.
03:45:54 AM Jul 6th 2010
Okay, where in the world is the information on this page coming from? It has almost no correlation to any form of gnosticism I've heard of ever, anywhere. In fact, some parts of it directly contradict everything I've come to know about gnosticism. Gnosticism is a sect nearly 2,000 years old. This article is a bunch of new age beliefs that look like they were dreamed up in the 90's, if that.
03:49:33 AM Jul 6th 2010
I especially want to point out the line "However, it is important to remember that Gnosticism at no point constituted a monolith of doctrine." If you wanted to pick a Greek word that meant a constituted monolith of doctrine, gnosis would probably be that word. And gnosticism is all about gnosis.
01:28:10 PM Jul 6th 2010
02:18:31 PM May 14th 2011
Actually, "gnosis" just means knowledge. It has nothing to do with doctrine or organization — it's about personal revelation. You should probably, you know... do some research.
03:25:50 PM Jul 17th 2013
I recommend reading the following literature for an answer to this question:

Gospel of the Egyptians, which gives a Kemetic version of the precession of the Aeons from the Monad On the Origin of the World, The Apocryphon of John, and The Hypostasis of the Archons, which lay out the cosmology and cosmogony Allogenes is a good example of a first-person theophony that characterizes much Gnostic literature Hypsiphrone is just weird shit and is interesting simply for being so strange, so fragmentary, so convoluted, and so completely unorthodox in character.

So yeah, if you just have a passing familiarity based on what the Catholics say about them, it might seem a bit that way... but if you read the texts themselves you can piece together a "New Age" cosmogony that's actually very ancient
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