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12:17:02 PM Jan 1st 2018
What if the show involves non-humans instead of races? Would the non-humans be considered a different "race". Bojack Horseman is probably the best example I can think of, in that the show features humans AND anthro-animals side-by-side but isn't about the struggle of one or the other fitting into a modern society.
01:55:54 PM Jan 1st 2018
I would say no. This test is more about representation of real world races.
10:07:32 AM Jun 24th 2017
What about works where race isn't ever the main focus but is brought up frequently? Would those qualify or not?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has three non-white main characters along with several recurrers, and is primarily about romance and mental illness, but also frequently mentions race.
06:11:38 AM Oct 13th 2014
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Teen Wolf could count for this in Season 3B onwards with the addition of Kira to the main cast. You have Scott (Mexican) and Kira (Japanese-Korean). There was also Danny for the first three seasons (Native-Hawaiian) but he was never promoted to a main character.
12:04:12 PM Oct 13th 2014
...Then add it?
04:31:44 AM Jan 28th 2014
  • On NCIS, we have Vance, and . . . Ziva, I guess?
    • Ziva is most likely a Sephardic (Spanish/Mediterranean) Jew, so yes. In Israel, she would not be considered European/Ashkenazi/"white," though those are not always equivalent.

Likely? I guess? Is this not certain then?
06:58:53 AM Nov 2nd 2011
Note that while TNG had recurrer Whoopi Goldberg (African-American) and regular Marina Sirtis (Greek parents), both of these characters were human aliens.

Correction: Greek is "white" (Caucasian, European) unless "white" is Anglo-Saxon. Also, Dianna was half-human.
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