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08:39:40 AM Jan 24th 2017
Should this be linked somewhere in the article?
02:24:23 PM Jul 7th 2015
Looks like the new edit dialog hasn't gotten all the kinks worked out; there's suddenly dozens of escaped punctuation (\' \" etc.) showing up in the edit that I didn't intend to make. So, two questions 1) how do I revert, and 2) where do I file a bug report?
11:04:17 PM Jul 7th 2015
edited by jormis29
The mods are already aware of the problem (see Fighteer's posts in Ask The Tropers) and are working to fix it
07:31:24 PM Feb 10th 2011
I cannot sit idly by and do nothing. I do not edit, I only read; but I feel it is important for me to note that it is spelled "barbecue." "Barbecue" is the standard spelling. "Barbeque" comes from people seeing signs for "Bar-B-Q" too often. I don't even know how to pronounce "barbeque." "Barbequeue," perhaps. Except that that's terrible.

Barbecue. It is barbecue.
06:16:06 AM Mar 29th 2011
This deserves expansion, but I'm not qualified to describe other cuisines around the country. Just added Cajun/Creole and Californian.
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