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06:31:26 PM Feb 8th 2014
Another area of interest is consent in relation to intercourse and AIDS. Currently, in the United Stated, Canada, and many other countries it is possible to be sent to jail for significant periods of time for having intercourse with someone and not telling them you have HIV. HIV does not have to be transmitted for conviction of someone as a sexual offender. One can even be convicted if one uses a condom and has a viral load of zero. The idea is that consent cannot be given if you don't know all the risks. Fair enough, but what I wonder is, who doesn't know their are risks associated with intercourse? Who doesn't know that HIV is transmitted by intercourse?
01:17:38 AM Feb 9th 2014
Many people don't know how AIDS works.

Also, technically speaking, you should apply Take It to the Forums to this discussion.
08:32:46 PM Jan 1st 2014
Who is the 'we' this article keeps referring to?
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