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10:15:45 AM May 13th 2016
The "uncontroversial" definition of capitalism given here is the Marxist definition. Doesn't that seem a bit biased?
04:58:27 PM May 13th 2016
How is it "Marxist"? And who on earth would dispute such a definition? I mean, even wikipedia defines it thusly:

"Capitalism is an economic system based on private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit."

....before elaborating upon its other features using terms and words which require explanation.
11:45:17 PM Jul 23rd 2013
'Socialism is it's biggest competitor'? No.

Capitalism is an economic model. Socialism is not, nor does it include, an economic model.

Socialism includes certain views on the role of a government in the economy and on the extent of public vs. private property, but contrary to what you hear from people arguing on the internet and politicians making claims about it in their rhetoric, those views are not mutually exclusive with adopting Capitalist economic practice.
05:26:50 AM May 9th 2013
Maybe more math could be brought into this article.
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