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10:39:58 AM Aug 2nd 2011
Why do America and Australia have such an extensive set of Useful Notes, but this one looks quite threadbare? If nothing else it would be nice to have a new page detailing province by province.
11:09:53 PM Aug 3rd 2011
Because no one has added such notes. "No Wiki Magic", someone might say—but then, if you are the first to add it, I promise it will add incentive for other people to add their two cents.
06:57:32 PM Nov 2nd 2011
Because while Canadians may be Badass, we don't boast about it.
03:16:58 AM Aug 8th 2012
Fine. A year on, my Candaphile tendencies mean I'm going to get the ball rolling on provinces and territories.
01:40:18 AM Feb 20th 2011
The Beware The Nice Ones trope on the page refers to the Germans and World War II, while the Canucks with Chinooks page places the Germans fearing Canadians in World War One. Which one is correct?
09:45:06 AM Feb 22nd 2011
I was at the understanding that Canada was a feared enemy in both wars. But World War I would probably be a better example because it was before Canada was recognized as a country on an international level.
10:46:23 PM Dec 26th 2010
Does anybody else find that there is a rather blatant pro-American theme to this page?
02:53:12 PM Jan 8th 2011
Specific examples might help.
07:34:25 PM May 9th 2011
If by "blatant pro-American theme" you mean not reeking with Molson's Joe style Canadian Nationalism where a country desperately tries to prove its individuality by pretentiously bashing its more powerful brother, then yes, it does have a pro-American theme.
11:43:04 PM Jul 1st 2010
Montreal, the second largest French speaking city in the world after Paris, culturally speaking, Montreal is as close you can get to Paris without actually moving to the real Paris. ...

If this sentence is true then: New-York is as close you can get to York Without going to England...

Montreal has nothing to do with paris at all. It is true that many montrealers spreak french... same could be said that many New-yorker speak english but it doesnt make teh city feel more like England.
11:54:47 PM Jul 1st 2010
edited by MatthewTheRaven
Really, the closest you can get to Paris without actually moving to the real Paris is to idle your car a centimetre outside of the Paris aire urbaine.

We should change it to say that Montreal is the cultural centre of French-speaking North America and one of the great bastions of francophonic culture outside of France. (I doubt anyone would dispute those claims.)
11:03:50 AM Mar 16th 2010
edited by KendraKirai
Kendra Kirai: I don't know if it's suitable for the main page, but...

You cannot make fun of a Canadian. Our main exports are snow, hockey, maple syrup, and jokes about ourselves. Any joke you can think of about Canada? Chances are a Canadian wrote it first. Canadians have a very forgiving personality and great senses of humor. How many sitting politicians have appeared on a national comedy make fun of themselves? Canadian ones do it all the time. Royal Canadian Air Farce, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Mercer Report, hell, even sitcoms, like Corner Gas.
11:50:47 PM Jul 1st 2010
"You cannot make fun of a Canadian." - that makes it sounds like either Canadians won't get it because they're thick, or will react violently, or something else to imply that you literally cannot do it. What about "You are not as clever as you think you are. You can't hurt Canada's feelings." or something like that?
08:39:58 PM Sep 21st 2010
I really don't understand why you're arguing about this. Kendra Kirai can say whatever she wants, but every Canadian has a different opinion on whether or not you can make fun of them. I personally don't care.
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