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10:04:56 PM Jun 19th 2015
Hey all. Changed the disclaimer.

Really, I didn't think it was funny or served a real purpose to have a screaming disclaimer on the top of the page. Honestly, it made it look like we were vastly overstating our importance in the world. I think we really need to take stock of these things and try not to make ourselves look like "heroes" solving a problem that (probably) doesn't exist.

I based the new disclaimer loosely on the ones we already have on Useful Notes dealing with the safety of people in real life (e.g. Useful Notes/Suicide and Gun Safety). I wanted to stress that the reason for the page's existence (really, the reason for most Tropers to be on the page to begin with) is to find out how it works in real life so that it can be accurately portrayed in fiction. Ideally, I'd like to figure out how to best separate the info on the main trope page from that in the Useful Notes page, because the page as is is rather sparse and seems to just hammer home the point that you're a bad person for reading it.

I recognize the need for disclaimers. This reminds me of the forum rule where posts in which a user threatens suicide are automatically deleted, largely to prevent well-meaning but ultimately non-professional Tropers from helping out and accidentally making it worse. I doubt that this would happen here, but you never know. I just think snark works better as an attention-grabber than hysteria.
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