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04:08:59 PM Apr 15th 2015
edited by DrNoPuma
What kind of accent does Sergeant Blob from The Dreamstone have? I suspect it's the same accent as the hares from Redwall, but I can't find what their accent is called either.
11:14:02 AM Jul 9th 2014
If anyone is familiar with Cerebus the Aardvark, an entry talking about the depiction of the accents of Princes Mick and Keef and the Starkey brothers needs to be here.
12:16:37 PM Sep 27th 2012
At the time of writing, the Xenoblade Chronicles entry includes the following: "Notably, most of them speak with working-class accents (especially Reyn), whereas the standard 'received pronunciation' does not appear to exist."

I don't think this is accurate. To my (British) ears, Shulk and Sharla are both on the RP end of the London-RP continuum; Dunban has the RP accent typical of a military officer; and Melia's is cut-glass upper-class RP, as lampshaded by Reyn and Sharla during a discussion.

01:57:35 PM Jun 10th 2011
Two more examples I think should be added. Megabyte, from Reboot, see here and Aran Ryan. I'd add them myself but I'm honestly not sure exactly what kind of accents they are in the first place and don't want to look the fool.
03:14:35 PM Jul 28th 2010
For video games, how about mentioning Call of Duty 4: many okay British accents, but lots of Americanisms in the accents, like "Dee-pot" instead of "Dep-ot", "Miss-le" instead of "Miss-ile" and "Cell phone" instead of "Mobile".
12:58:38 PM May 31st 2010
I'm surprised the various incarnations of George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion" aren't at least mentioned here (the play, My Fair Lady), since Professor Higgins is a professor of phonetics and "can place any man within six miles ... within two miles in London. Sometimes within two streets."
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