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09:16:26 PM May 17th 2016
edited by Dedars1
The Coup made by that Temer bastard really needs to be included here. It was protested even on Cannes festival, fgs.
08:38:30 PM Mar 8th 2016
I'm thinking that this page needs a few major tweaks given the current economic situation resulting from the Petrobras scandal, two major sporting events in three years, and the Zika Virus outbreak.
07:55:12 PM Oct 28th 2014
Does the webcomic Nerf NOW!! count as a brazilian work: english language gaming webcomic made by a brazilian?
08:50:22 AM Sep 10th 2013
"<em>Brazilians are fond to spread every misconception and false information about theirs own culture and language if the rule of funny applies. Take everything a Brazilian taught about the meaning of some obscure Portuguese word with a grain of salt.</em>"

This is the best part of the article. Unhappily, or maybe happily, it makes it a <a class='>Self-Demonstrating Article</a>
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