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08:48:00 PM Feb 9th 2014
This sentence: "they had a damn good reason for it" (human sacrifice) is worded a bit poorly in my opinion. Can ritual torture and murder of innocent people due to religious superstition ever be justified? Wouldn't it be a bit less morally peculiar to say something like "human sacrifice was essential to their belief system" or something like that?
12:59:54 AM Sep 17th 2013
Could Huehuecoyotl be one of several other avatars of Nyarlathotep? I mean, they both are divine entities that can change their shape and gender at will, regulary interact with the human race, and they both enjoy to cause mayhem among them. Seriously, it's hard not to see Huehuecoyotl as Nyarlathotep's fursona!
07:00:27 AM Sep 17th 2013
Put that in Cthulhu Mythos if you want to. Otherwise, keep this page for discussion about actual Aztec Mythology.
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