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07:31:59 AM Mar 10th 2014
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Is it fair to mention that Tony Abbott's term has so far been marred by the Indonesian spying scandal, car manufacturers shutting down their Australian factories and so on, or should we wait until he gets voted out?
08:29:17 AM Mar 10th 2014
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Be very careful to keep it from looking like vindictive grave-dancing — this is running up against the "we are not for bashing" guidelines. If it must be mentioned, keep it dry and factual. (Talking about current political figures is always problematic like this.)
06:39:37 PM Apr 18th 2014
I honestly believe Abbott is Australia's version of George W. Bush. With that said let's put it up and see how it goes.
08:49:55 PM Apr 18th 2014
Abbott hasn't even served a full term yet, so it's a bit difficult to identify what characterises his term. Maybe it's better if more commentry is added after the next election, whether he wins or gets voted out.

I think the George W. Bush analogy is apt, but after a full term of Abbott it'll be clearer what his public image, 'legacy' or the main focus of his govt is.
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