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04:58:05 PM Mar 27th 2014
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Removed from Final Fantasy Tactics:

  • There are no Monk skills that can make Ramza go to the side with his allies. Even with Archer's Ignore Height, player cannot move Ramza to the other side due to the rails marked as impassable. The only skill that can make Ramza go to the other side is Time Mage's Teleport, which allows player to teleport away from the Gafgarion's side, rejoin allies, and later teleport back.

I'm the original editor, and the scenario in question has happened to me. Ramza was a Monk with the Guts secondary; I had all of my characters, including Ramza, on the "near" side of the gate, with Gafgarion trapped on the far side and the gate closed, and I couldn't get to him or get close enough to target him with any attacks. (I left the game on auto-battle and went to dinner, and came back several hours later to every character having several thousand JP thanks to Accumulate.) If you can demonstrate it's not possible in the original, January-1998-release Playstation version, please remove the example, but don't natter the page up by being obnoxious about it.
09:51:45 PM May 2nd 2015
I've recreated the situation, with the most probable ability used, and turned out, Ignore Height (Archer movement ability), do allows you to jump down over the impassable Stone Wall rail (Otherwise require 11+ jump skill, a programming oversight with Ignore Height). Please put the proper ability name in order to not confuse the future reader.
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