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07:51:26 AM Aug 14th 2013
Isn't the Trope Namer for Super Registration Act the Civil War storyline? That's not X-Men specific, it's Marvel Comics as a whole - in fact, the X-Men stayed the hell out of that one!
02:45:55 PM Jun 30th 2012
This page lists Chick Tracts as the trope namer for Author Tract.

But 'tracts' are a genre of literature much older than the Chick Tracts. It seems to me this is an erroneous addition by someone who didn't know the term. Author Tract says nothing about a Trope Namer. It should probably be removed, or do I get something wrong?
12:32:20 AM Jul 1st 2012
I've removed it. "Tract" is older than those things and used with no reference to them.
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