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02:21:01 PM May 29th 2017
Trope Co, the ACME of Internet, since 2004.
12:51:52 PM Nov 12th 2016
Are there rules for creating Trope Co. pages? As in, if I see a trope and I can think of a Trope co. page for it, can I just make it?
07:46:26 PM Feb 22nd 2013

p.s I have no idea
03:09:36 AM Feb 16th 2014
Seriously, an elaborate joke created Just For Fun. Imagine my disappointment when I realized that I couldn't actually order some of the items here...
11:28:11 AM Mar 31st 2012
Can I add Bishōnen to the catalog? I'm only seeing fanservicey stuff for guys on the list.
08:53:29 PM Jul 2nd 2016
I think an addition to a article added to the Bag of Holding, is also Hyperspace Arsenel or something.
08:47:39 AM Mar 19th 2012
edited by Kuruni
No Robot Maid yet? Lets see if I can put that on catalog...
09:21:20 AM Jan 29th 2012
Insane Troll Logic Kit should be on here.

I could imagine it...

"Want to confuse your friends? But Trope Co's Insane Trool Logic Kit to confuse the hell out your friends with this "logic"!
05:59:43 AM Nov 3rd 2011
Haha, Trope Co. is listed on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) even though it's 90% probable the majority of Tropers are American? Also, I'm preeeeeeetty sure most market exchanges use ticker symbols of less than five characters.

Good show, gentlemen, good show.
08:52:12 AM May 22nd 2011
I have this horrible temptation, which I am resisting for reasons of taste, to pothole "it is safe to conclude" to Insane Troll Logic.
12:18:29 PM May 22nd 2011
They might also be Blatant Lies, if that's an acceptable substitute. ;)
07:15:17 PM Feb 9th 2013
I see I'm not the only one.

Well, there's a relief.
10:15:19 AM Sep 4th 2010
Sweet Goodness Be to the Lord in Heaven, I wish this were a real service!
11:40:20 PM Sep 1st 2010
05:04:33 AM Sep 6th 2010
edited by
To elaborate: Most of Trope Co. is a joke without a punchline. Parody commercials have a place, but that place isnít in most of the articles listed. Writing Brain Bleach as an ad is kind of like writing I Know Kung-Fu from the perspective of a caveman. Itís completely arbitrary.

When using parody narration, the narration itself should link to the topic at hand. Writing out advertisement tropes as advertisements makes sense, as does using gangsta music to rap about how White and Nerdy you are; In each case, the narrative device itself is part of the joke. Geddit?

Writing out random tropes as infomercials is just cheesy. And not in a So Bad, It's Good B-Movie kind of way, but in a desperate please-let-us-be-funny kind of way.

This Troper proposes a general re-write of Trope Co. tropes and quite possibly the dismantling of the Trope Co. corporate empire. For Great Justice.

08:15:28 PM Sep 6th 2010
I don't see the point of dismantling it. Some of us think it's funny, and those who don't don't have to read it.
09:28:56 PM Sep 6th 2010
The point is to make improvements to the articles. You could argue "You don't have to read it" to any low-quality, unfunny post, but it'd still be nice to exchange this low-quality shit for some better shit.

It's like if Trope Co. were bananas. Rotten, lame bananas that were all black and disgusting from thinking they were funny. Instead of letting them stink up the place, let's turn them into delicious banana bread.
03:59:04 AM Sep 5th 2011
I certainly don't think we should dismantle it. Improvements are of course never unwelcome, but removing it just because some people don't think it's funny is completely unnecessary.

Also, I see the point in writing them all as fake ads. It's as though TV Tropes is a catalogue of plot elements for writers. Sure, not all of them are written with that context in mind, but it still works. Its for the tropes as tropes, not as each in their individual context.
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