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09:59:56 PM Dec 6th 2016
edited by CaptainCrawdad

  • Actor Allusion:
    • The park's managers survey the goings-on on a device that resembles the game masters' in The Hunger Games. Jeffrey Wright played Beetee in three of the films.
    • Anthony Hopkins speaks to a now-defunct robot in the pilot played by Michael Wincott in a cameo. The two had starred in Hitchcock with the latter appearing as a hallucination of serial killer Ed Gein, who talks to the former in dreams.
    • Sizemore calls Theresa a "teetotaling Danish bitch" during his drunk rampage. It's doubtful that line existed before Danish-born Knudsen replaced Miranda Otto as the actress playing Theresa Cullen, considering that all her dialogue is in English. Her Irish surname is yet to be explained.
    • Dr. Ford asks Bernard, "Do you know what happened to the neanderthals? We ate them."
    • A lab tech shouts "Jesus!" when walking in on Hector in "The Bicameral Mind." Rodrigo Santoro played Jesus in Ben-Hur (2016).
    • After leaving Westworld, Dr. Ford joined forces with the Autobots.

None of these seem deliberate except Cullen being Danish, which isn't an example of the trope. It's just a detail of the character changing to fit the actor. The cannibalism might fit, but cannibalism is also addressed elsewhere in the show, not just in reference to Hopkins' character.
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