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09:08:09 AM Jun 11th 2018
edited by WarriorsGate
Somebody removed my God Never Said That entry about the fake news swirling around Tran's departure from Instagram.

I believe it should be reinstated as is, because it's a clear example of the trope—people putting words in a creator's mouth—and it directly relates to her role in this franchise.

The person who removed it seemed to be under the impression that I said Tran removed her images for marketing purposes, which isn't accurate. I said it was the journalists who were exploiting the incident for fake content, which is why it falls under "God Never Said That". That she allegedly deleted her Instagram because of racism is the "that" of the trope name.

The person who removed it also said Tran has nothing to do with the failure of Solo, and yet already an article links the two:
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