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04:40:18 PM Sep 2nd 2015
I removed the following:
  • Accidentally Accurate: That chattering sound Perry makes? Platypi really do make those noises in real life (though of course not with their teeth, which they don't have).

I cannot find any interviews or trivia pages that support this claim that it's a coincidence. It seems much more likely to me that they chose that noise because it's the noise a platypus makes, as it's bizzare enough that one wouldn't randomly come up with it.
05:14:04 PM Sep 2nd 2015
Fairly certain I've seen more than one discussion of the Perry call indicating they chose it without any basis in reality. Here is a recent comment by Povenmire, for instance, that explicitly shows he had not been aware of the real platypus call (or that platypuses made sounds at all).
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