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06:50:25 PM Mar 9th 2013
  • What Could Have Been: Gundam 00 was originally supposed to have been fifty continuous episodes like every past Gundam series and not two separate seasons. Had this remained the case the events of season one would have been episodes 1-36, leaving only episodes 37-50 to cover the events of season two (which would have been much more tightly focused and fast-paced as a result).

    • There is another one in executive meddling entry how the pace could have been different, which I think links to this one. This is not exactly right. According to Kuroda in 00 Mission Complete, the time skip of 4 years is planned after episode 32. However, with the season split, the time skip happened in after the first 25 episodes with the intended first part getting in the first 31 episodes (Season 1 plus 6 episodes into Season 2). So, the pace would have been the same if it made a full year run. The only new that got in is going to be Lyle/Anew plot.
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