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07:33:53 AM Apr 7th 2015
I'm an Indonesian player and I want to explain about the fracas.

First, the sinking competition is not true. A group member in the player group I'm in started this competition, and there was controversy for a while. Needless to say, the admins pulled the plug on this quickly and it didn't even last a few days.

Second, the sinking ship list posted in foreign forums is a general recap sheet. The admins of the FB group do keep that kind of sheet in event times, to keep track on sunk ships and the rumored 'bug sinkings'. It's not the tally of said competition.

Hopefully this clears stuff up.
06:49:59 PM Nov 26th 2013
there's gotta be a trope for how shimakaze's thong is based on the design of the ship's flag, I just can't think of it offhand. -Z
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