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07:14:41 PM Jan 14th 2017
Noticed this.
  • Periphery Hatedom: Johnny Test is mostly well known for its lack of popularity and for the brutal and intense amount of hate from the public. Originally the show didn't receive as much hate during its first couple of seasons but because of the lawsuit placed on Scott Fellows combined with the fact that Kids WB was rapidly deteriorating in popularity because of removing shows like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Xiaolin Showdown from its timeslots, "Johnny Test" was forced into hiatus before it eventually moved to Cartoon Network and Teletoon and started airing episodes there. By this time, viewers watched it and noticed that the show had transitioned to flash animation and started to rely more on running gags that became very annoying to them over time.

I felt it deserved to be preserved somehow, but it is a flame bait entry that is specifically stated to not be allowed on pages, so I put it here.
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