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01:58:35 PM Sep 14th 2011
edited by ChaosD1
About the Wiki/Aussie's Pages

I wanted to clarify something here to make sure people didn't think this was my idea... I know how people are. I didn't get fully involved with the Wiki Team or TGWTG until right before Rizzo's departure. I knew nothing of the guy, and I, to this day, do not care. There IS a reason you'll see my name on all his pages though.

Originally, the order to delete all his pages came from some admin of the site. (Probably Mike Michaud.) Most of the Wiki team hunted down and removed all possible reference to him, and deleted any page about him or his shows. At that time I only worked on the pages pertaining to the now defunct arcade, but I was getting the hang of certain wiki features.

The problem came shortly after the deletion. Either fans of his, or misguided site users (who didn't understand why he wasn't mentioned) started re-creating the pages on him. Every time a page was deleted, another was constructed. The main Wiki Staff was tired of playing this game of Whack-A-Mole and was looking for a permanent solution. They didn't want to admin lock the entire thing, nor did they want to ban everyone who made a page (due to the possible "they didn't know any better" issue).

So I proposed an alternate solution. I decided to actually CREATE the pages, but leave them blank. In each page I would post a redirect code to the main Wiki page so anyone attempting to look at the pages would be directed to the main page instead. The main purpose, though, was to admin lock the pages to ensure that NO ONE would be able to edit them, or create new pages. Since I was the only one who knew how to do all this, my name is the last one seen to have edited the page.

Saying "I was the one who deleted all the pages" is an utter fallacy. If anything, I was the one who created them. Do I personally agree with the "DFE" of his pages? Well I understand both sides, You can't deny the existence of someone, but at the same time, you don't want to actively promote them if you feel they've wronged you in some way. So at the end of the day, "Not my company. Not my rules."

Despite my listing, I no longer consider myself a member of the Wiki Team. The only way you can be unlisted from the wiki is to outright ask to be removed, or to have done something wrong to be kicked out. They'll take anyone who's interested in applying as long as you're not overly sycophantic or obsessive. Lord knows they can use the help.
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