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07:41:09 AM Dec 16th 2014
The example is good, but the trope name doesn't exist (it refers to a works page on Darth Wiki). Leaving it here until someone can port it to a new trope.

  • End of an Era: This was one of the last major Hollywood films to be done "the old-fashioned way", with indoor soundstages, tromphe l'oeil sets, miniatures, and various other vestiges of old-school Hollywood filmmaking; the very next year, Jurassic Park came along and nothing was the same after that. Later viewers have even criticized the film for its "cramped staging"...which is a little unfair, because Burton deliberately had the sets constructed that way as a tribute to the German expressionist melodramas of the early 1920s (where the cramped mise-en-scene was also deliberate). Not that Batman Returns wasn't also a gateway to the future: it was the very first film recorded with Dolby digitalized sound, the first to be released in more than 2,000 movie theaters across America simultaneously, and one of the first to integrate computer-animated graphics seamlessly into a (semi-)realistic story.
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