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10:33:51 AM Mar 8th 2014
There's an Edit War regarding this example for the anime show Dragon Ball Z.

  • There's Bardock, who knows far in advance that Frieza is going to destroy his home planet. What does he do? Thanks to a double dose of both Honor Before Reason and Revenge Before Reason he decides to take on Frieza in a bid to stop him from destroying Planet Vegeta, despite knowing perfectly well that he was FAR too weak to stand a chance in hell against Frieza instead of getting in the nearest pod and getting the hell out of dodge and maybe coming back when he did stand a chance.

Let's have a discussion on whether or not Bardock qualifies for this trope or not, so the war can end.
02:29:59 PM Mar 8th 2014
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Ok then.

My argument is that, regardless of the reasons, (though depending on the reasons it might make it fit in another trope in some cases) that suicidally trying to attack a character you have no chance of beating by miles and all you'd accomplish was dying while knowing this is the case when you have the option of simply running away qualifies as Too Dumb to Live. This doesn't even qualify as Suicidal Overconfidence, Frieza could just in his 1st form kill Bardock 50 times over, Bardock was just going to die pointlessly and Bardock knew this, but he attacked anyway. If Bardock didn't know how powerful Frieza was and got killed or had nowhere to go anyway it wouldn't be Too Dumb to Live, but he did know and all he had to do was jump in a Saiyan pod and head to pretty much anywhere in the universe, in fact he was on another planet when he first learned for sure that Frieza had betrayed them and was going to destroy the planet, so first he had to come to Planet Vegeta despite knowing Frieza was going to destroy it to begin with. It's also worthwhile to note that Bardock was badly injured at the time too, so he wasn't even fighting at his best.

This isn't like a character getting hopelessly beat by another character they might have been able to beat that surpasses them and then pulling out some heroic resolve to beat them anyway, Frieza was so many orders of magnitude above Bardock at that point that none of that could matter, and again, Bardock knew this, all the Saiyans did. This is the reason the entire planet of Blood Knights was scared to death of Frieza.