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01:51:43 PM Apr 5th 2016
edited by Willbyr
This example needs to be rewritten to remove the scanlation links and provide the needed context, as well as fixing the indentation.

04:27:19 PM Jan 10th 2015
Wouldn't Sasuke's Kirin be a subversion since Itachi survived it? It didn't damage Susano'o nor the Yata Mirror, since he had both of them to fight against Orochimaru.
03:08:32 AM Jan 11th 2015
What is Kirin? Please don't assume that people will inherently be familiar with all this terminology.
12:15:08 AM Apr 1st 2012
Removed: It's not overkill if it's what it takes to do the job! Both Fate and Vita are just as powerful as Nanoha, and in each case Nanoha had previously lost to them. Quattro is a borderline case, but she was on the other side of the ship (with an anti-magic field active), and Nanoha needed to defeat her now and here (since Quattro herself had noted that there's no way Nanoha could have gotten to her in time through conventional means).
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