Theatre Waiting For Godot Discussion

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09:01:18 PM Feb 6th 2011
A play in which the audience is locked out of the theater? I think I've read every Beckett play, and I'm not sure which one that is.
02:39:31 AM Sep 2nd 2010
It's not pronounced Go-DOHT?

I thought that was the right pronounciation, considering Beckett wrote it originally in French IIRC...
10:53:25 AM Oct 20th 2010
I always thought it was go-DOH, with no T sound...but my French sucks...
11:02:44 AM Oct 20th 2010
If you play Ace Attorney theirs a name that plays of of the correct pronnunciation. Diego Armando. Of course then you have to know correct Spanish Pronunciations.
02:22:02 AM Apr 2nd 2011
You have to remember, of course, that Beckett was Irish, and a very difficult aspect of learning French for an Irish person is getting used to the way in which syllables are stressed. In Hiberno-English, stress tends to be placed on the penultimate syllable (meaning we pronounce 'Godot' more like 'GOD-oh' than 'go-DOH'), whilst the distribution tends to be a lot more even in French.
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