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05:07:54 AM Jun 1st 2010
One thing that's struck me (having heard the Hair soundtrack album back in the day) about the song 3-5-0-0 (assuming it's in the revival — it was about the Vietnam War, but I recall reading an interview with the writers that they envisioned, as the show's run continued, retconning those bits to refer to the war de jour): the line "electronic data processing" must surely have lost the resonance it had back in 1968, when computers were remote and to many people semi-mythical gadgets. (I was still in school back then, and one kid accused me of "believing in" computers, as if they were some kind of fairytale.) Nowadays it's probably a rare household which doesn't have at least two computers, and that's not even counting all those devices which generally aren't thought of as "computers" (games consoles, TV sets, DVD recorders/players, music players, smartphones...) but which all the same have far more processing power than the PET or XT ever dreamed of.

I'm sure there's a trope for this, which should be added to the article, but I don't know the name or what terms to use to search for it.
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