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09:14:59 AM Mar 13th 2013
It's worth noting that Anthony Burgess actually did two separate translations of the play: the more famous one from 1971, and one in the 1980's which is closer to the original text (Le Bret and Carbon are two separate characters, as well as Roxanne's original appearance in Act IV).
09:45:43 PM Jul 14th 2011
Blue shifting and quotes should only be used when they actually tell you something about the linked text or quoted work, and there's no reason to shift to the same link a million times on the same page.

There was way too much personal-notebook-like ranting about Cyrano's personality, the cadets' treatment of de Guiche, and Les Precieuses that is not inherent in the text and requires an academic paper to prove why. Fun, but it just clutters the page here. Wrong place.

Use of an example does not equal Lampshade Hanging.
10:54:52 PM Mar 31st 2011
Hi, I would like to discuss Heroic Sociopath and why Cyrano is not an example of that trope: Micah said: "Cyrano may be heroic and a sociopath, but he's not a Heroic Sociopath; the trope is a lot more specific than that and he doesn't fit it." The problem is that you explain why I confuse the trope, but not explain the reason why Cyrano is not an example. Could you please explain why Cyrano doesn't fit it?
09:12:20 PM Dec 21st 2010
Hi, I would like to discuss here if the trope "Bersek button" could apply to "Cyrano de Bergerac". My point is that Cyrano, in the play, never goes bersek,he always manage to stay in control and this trope cannot be applied to him.

The cadets warn Christian that Cyrano killed two men that "talked about his nose" and that if Christian shows "a handkerchief" Cyrano will kill him. But this is an informed ability, we never see Cyrano killing someone only by mentioning his nose, and the cadets are trying to test Christian right to be with them testing his valor by Bullying the dragon. For those reasons I think this trope is averted, invoked and only an informed ability at best
07:37:50 AM Sep 8th 2015
edited by esauvage
Cyrano actually kills De Valvert onstage because he talked about his nose. And it is said that the two men killed didn't talk about his nose, but with their nose "Deux nasillards par lui furent exterminés Parce qu'il lui déplut qu'ils parlassent du nez"
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