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09:38:51 PM Mar 18th 2015
Did this play have Recursive Reality in it, or did I just remember it wrong?
03:58:06 AM Aug 4th 2013
These are bits I deleted because they were natteriffic and in Thread Mode. The goal is to have Clear Concise And Witty examples.

  • ..., even though Bottom was allegedly played by Shakespeare himself... Actually Bottom would most likely have been written for and played by William Kempe, the company clown, who would of also originated Dogberry and Peter. He's also connected with the roles of Costard, Launcelot Gobbo and Falstaff. He was famous for his comic jigs and the dance at the end of the Show Within a Show would have been an opportunity for one.

  • Do you think I believed in fairies when I was sixteen? I didn't believe in them till I was over 400.

  • Productions of the show are still sometimes done using The Fair Folk model instead of the Victorian bowdlerization. When they do, you realize what the fairies are actually saying.

  • Within a century of this play, a woman had been burnt at the stake as a witch for dealing the Queen of Fairies. Shakespeare was probably consciously averting this trope; it is not for nothing that Oberon assures us that he can safely hear church bells.

    • Treated hilariously in the 90's movie - Demetrius clearly thinks threatening her with ravishment and ruin will send her racing back home, and when instead she is enthusiastic (Hey, it is Christian Bale) he back-pedals so fast he literally trips and falls on his ass. Helena's naive sure, but there don't seem to be any actual villains in her corner of the world, either.

This one was zapped:

  • Hilarity Ensues: Puck is the embodiment of Epic Fail.
    • Or is he? One gets the feeling he's just messing around: he is Oberon's court jester after all.

08:45:43 PM Jun 20th 2010
edited by Questa
Change the title? I believe it should be "Night's" instead of "Nights". I won't change it myself because I don't know how many pot holes use the current spelling, and all those would have to be edited.
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