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09:45:17 PM Jan 1st 2018
I donít think D.W from Arthur should be on the scrappy page cause I think the writers wanted the viewers to hate D.W as her role on the show seems to just be a huge pest towards Arthur. This show is impossible to add traditional loathsome villains for people to despise due to it being for young kids and is PBS educational so I think the writers wanted fans to hate someone who just bugs Arthur a lot. Plus D.W falls victim to some misfortunes on the show and the books.
08:28:43 AM Dec 8th 2016
Come to think of it, does it even count if the entire cats is a Scrappy since by defintion isn't it one character in particular? Wouldn't "I Don't Care What Happens To These People" apply more if you hate the whole cast?
10:38:40 AM Sep 2nd 2015
Moving some in-universe examples here because I'm pretty sure they fit under tropes and aren't about invoking common Scrappy tropes.

11:10:21 PM Mar 24th 2015
I wonder what it says about the writers of Family Guy when half the cast seems to be on this page
12:51:04 AM Mar 25th 2015
I think that speaks more of the (lack of) quality of the current examples.
08:30:21 AM Mar 8th 2014
Before this delves into an Edit War, fans of Spongebob Squarepants keep on adding Spongebob back as a scrappy, despite him being a Base Breaker. This has been a reoccurring thing on this page.
02:01:56 AM Feb 18th 2014
Does Zoey from Total Drama really count as a scrappy? She seems more like a Base Breaker at best and she even has an entry on that trope on the show's YMMV page. I can understand that some characters like Katie, Sadie, Staci, and Scott would be widely hated (and I'm not too sure about Scott), but having Zoey in the same place as them? I don't think so.
04:43:49 AM Feb 18th 2014
Then delete it and explain why she's not an example I don't think Zoey is a scrappy either.
09:43:28 AM Feb 9th 2014
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1. The reason that Randy from South Park is hated is because I just don't find him funny and I thought that South Park is supposed to focus on THE KIDS, not THE ADULTS.

2. About the animated version of Louis Tully being on this page... that hurts me, even though I've only seen a few episodes of The Real Ghostbusters. Why? Because in the movies, he's played by Rick Moranis, who happens to one of my all-time favorite actors. :(
04:35:48 AM Feb 11th 2014
While there are many valid reasons for hating Randy, your comment (especially in light of #2) demonstrates the problem with this entire entry - there's a difference between someone who is so bad they're killing the show, and someone you personally do not like. Ideally, you would think the Scrappy would be a character that the creator of a work has made into a Creator's Pet, while everyone else just recognizes them as The Load: that is to say, someone that virtually everyone but the people making the show realize is terrible. The creators put them on every 5 minutes to highlight the newest interesting or funny thing they can do, and ratings plummet because of this. Some guy who shows up every so often, and you think they suck...that isn't necessarily a scrappy. Why? Well reverse your #1 and #2: someone is probably saying the same thing in reverse. You shouldn't be surprised that people are arbitrarily calling a guy you like a scrappy if you're willing to do the same to others.
01:25:08 PM Feb 17th 2014
Sorry, wasn't trying to antagonize anyone with the reply. Short, neutral version: It seems like Scrappyism is determined more by personal opinion than anything like ratings drop or boost. So long as this definition exists, there's going to be conflicts. Maybe this should be in Darth Wiki.
07:02:49 AM Jan 27th 2014
Why were King Sombra and Flash Sentry deleted from the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic folder?
07:22:02 AM Jan 27th 2014
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I've got no clue. Add them back in.
09:56:29 PM Jan 25th 2014
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Why is Randy Marsh from South Park hated by the fanbase?
06:50:07 PM Jan 23rd 2014
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How is Arsenal a scrappy in Young Justice? I seem to remember that in the episode where Nightwing was chewing him out, Nightwing was chewed out right back by the people Arsenal rescued, seeing how Arsenal pretty much saved everyone's asses, and found a bunch of missing people that no one was particularly looking for.

On this subject, I think Scrappy in general needs to be cleaned up: it seems like the entry has degenerated into any character that anyone has, at any point in time, a reason to dislike, as opposed to a character who generates widespread, consistent dislike, and adds nothing to the story. By the logic I have seen some characters added on here with, Batman is a scrappy, as there are plenty of people who hate that he's always prepared, seldom wrong, wins most of his fights despite being physically weaker than most of the rest of the cast. Characters that people actually like, like Bender and Cartman, become scrappies, because you can find a group of people who dislike how they were portrayed in several episodes. I think there's something to be said for "no/few redeeming qualities" in a Scrappy candidate. If they're dislikable, but they add something tangible to the plot, they're probably not a scrappy. If they're dislikable, and they're not really adding anything to the plot, but they wind up in it anyway, then they're probably in Scrappy territory.
07:57:39 PM Jan 23rd 2014
... how is Arsenal not a Scrappy? The vast majority of the fandom found him whiny and annoying, and the example you cited is part of the reason why (he did do stupid stuff, but he sort of lucked out).
02:52:17 PM Jan 24th 2014
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You actually sound like you're describing Red Arrow/Clone Speedy, since I don't recall Arsenal being whiny, more pissed off and hotheaded. Clone Speedy was the one whining about woe is me, and not giving a shit about anything, being generally incompetent and annoying, to the point where the supervillain he had a child with had to slap him out of his funk.

It isn't that Arsenal never did stupid things, but at least he actually has a legitimate reason for being off balance, having PTSD from being kidnapped, experimented on, and waking up without an arm after nobody bothered to look for him. Pretty much everyone but Aqualad, Red Robin, and Robin 1 before becoming Nightwing regularly juggled the idiot ball in this series, without the excuse of being traumatized. Hell, season 1, and most of the people who were hurt and killed, was caused by a whole lot of lying, BSing, and ego stroking that could have easily been avoided. I'm not trying to start an Arsenal fanclub here, but throughout the entire show, everyone I didn't mention regularly did stupid shit that retarded the plot, for no reason other than the plot required them to be stupid. Connor making deals with Lex Flippin Luthor in between emo rages and constantly charging off into battle at the worst of times, endangering the team, Artemis so concerned about her lineage being discovered that she lets criminals get away (and honestly, Batman probably already knew), Megaan being an annoying brat in general, and Suetiful All Along as she's really a White Martian, but not an evil one. I'm sure that if we went episode by episode, we could find plenty of instances where someone being a dumbass was the primary cause for one of the episodes. How is Connor or Kid Flash or Megaan being an unthinking hothead for no reason in multiple episodes OK, but Arsenal somehow becomes a scrappy for it after just one or two?
06:02:56 PM Dec 25th 2013
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Suggest adding: Orko from He-Man, Snarf from Thundercats, Toad from Super Mario Brothers Super Show, & Ugtar from Super Mario World TAS. ::Checks:: Okay, Snarf is already on the list.

Really don't get how Gaz from Invader Zim qualifies.
08:19:50 PM Apr 25th 2014
Sure, there's no shortage of characters in Invader Zim who're sociopathic or cruel, but Gaz stands out because the writers actually want you to like her. And she gets several episodes dedicated to her, which are basically her doing awful things for petty reasons and getting away with it. If there is one thing I'll never understand, it's how such a shallow, nasty, pointless and one-dimensional excuse of a character like this has so many fans.
05:53:30 PM Oct 20th 2013
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Why isn't Spongebob in later seasons listed as the Scrappy/Base Breaker? He used to be a naive but well-meaning individual, now he's flanderized into a complete idiot and total jerk (as shown in "A Pal For Gary"). His over-positive nature often blinds him of the disaster he's caused. He's even an Idiot Houdini. Even has Spongebob as #1 in the Top 10 Purposely Annoying Beloved Cute Characters. Yet I should think Spongebob should be the complete Base Breaker since he has half the fandom, and half the hatedom.
03:41:50 PM Sep 14th 2013
I think any character who is meant to be disliked should be take down
12:40:53 PM Jul 18th 2013
I don't think Jeff from Family Guy should be a scrappy, as he only appeared in one episode and was meant to be hated from the start.
12:42:04 PM Jul 18th 2013
I agree. Plus, Jeff is a villain and he's supposed to be hated by fans.
04:25:03 AM May 3rd 2013
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Does Jade Chan from Jackie Chan Adventures qualify? The entry itself says that she has legions of fans, and while it's true that she has hatedom, her fans outnumber her haters (at least that's the impression I have, but I may be biased since I'm a Jade fan), which would make her a Base Breaker at worst.
06:43:18 AM May 3rd 2013
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Take it to the Scrappy Cleanup thread here...if she has lots of fans and haters, she may qualify as a Base Breaker
09:25:38 PM Apr 15th 2013
Discussion page for whether the Total Drama Island entries that there is an Edit War over. Please discuss it here.
09:49:05 PM Apr 15th 2013
Courtney and Ezekiel are Base Breakers and Noah isn't even that—he's an Ensemble Darkhorse with a much more prominent fandom than hatedom. I can understand seeing the Courtney and Ezekiel hatred and thinking it's more universal than it is, but Noah is definitely not an example.
07:48:27 AM Apr 16th 2013
I agree. The only scrappies are Katie, Sadie, and Staci from season 4. I don't understand why Retro7 keeps on shoehorning examples.
06:03:30 PM Sep 26th 2011
The entry on King of the Hill contained the characters Hank Hill, Cotton Hill, Khan and Minh Souphanousinphone, which is frankly ridiculous. Hank is a role model father and treats practically everyone nicely, and only wants the best for his son. The idea that Hank could be universally hated by the fandom is absolutely inane. Cotton Hill being a Jerk Ass is his character in the same way Bender from Futurama was his character. He has Character Development moments, many of them, and often creates good, interesting episodes. Kahn and Minh have both had their moments, too.
10:25:31 AM Oct 11th 2011
to be fair, I think whoever posted that was talking about the characters in later seasons. which is kind of true.
04:30:20 PM Sep 17th 2011
should the Cutie Mark Crusaders from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic be on this page? I am a big fan of the show and to my knowledge, the Crusaders are Base Breakers at worst.
05:37:02 PM Sep 17th 2011
Base Breaker at worst is way below Scrappy level. I think they have to be hated by the majority of the fandom.

(I usually like 'em but man were they annoying on the new one o_o)
06:08:16 PM Sep 17th 2011
edited by brony99
but the majority of the Fi M fandom does NOT hate them. they don't belong on this page. plus, I think there inclusion here is a result of Square Peg, Round Trope.
01:05:55 PM Oct 12th 2011
and the entry on the Crusaders has been removed but in case anyone's interested, while I can't speak for two of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, I've realized that most(if not all) of the complaints for Scootaloo come from one and only one episode.
04:46:18 PM Jun 9th 2011
edited by Xepscern
The WA page needs a image, plain and simple. I say we use DW from Arthur, the Karma Houdini and Bratty Half-Pint. Hell, she's the real reason Arthur has its own Wall Banger page. Since most people have seen the show, I'd say it's appropriate.
10:25:31 PM Jun 9th 2011
07:21:00 AM Jun 10th 2011
"Most people have seen the show"? Really? Ah, Fan Myopia at its finest.
07:40:21 PM Oct 19th 2010
Some of these entires claim that characters are "universally" hated or that they're hated by a "majority" of fans, which is basically code for, "My friends and I." But none are so ridiculous as the "Slimer on The Real Ghostbusters was hated by every fan of the show" entry.

It's OK to call a character the Scrappy without having the entire fanbase agree with you. That doesn't invalidate your opinion.
06:59:54 PM Jan 24th 2011
Also, what is up with "most of" the South Park fandom hating Mr. Garrison and Randy? As far as I can tell, people really only hated Mrs. Garrison and all I ever see for Randy is either "he's the only reason I watch the show anymore" or, at worst, "he's best in small doses." But I guess only the Yaoi Fangirls count as the fandom.
10:37:42 AM Oct 3rd 2010
We need to fix up the entry about the Kanker sisters. After I posted the first part, it decended into a stream  * of Conversation on the Main Page between at least two people on if they count as scrappies. The Kankers do have somewhat of a Hatedom, and often the Fanon defending them is more of a Draco in Leather Pants type because the only other two females (ever) are Sarah and Nazz. Can't we just add them back to Base Breaker, like they where at before? And give some explanation as to why (the original entry just said, in it's entirity, "The Kanker sisters on Ed, Edd n Eddy" or something along those lines)?
01:52:06 PM Oct 13th 2010
This is so ironic, as I was just about to open a discussion about that very topic. I believe they should stay on "The Scrappy" page, and all of this back and forth clutter should be eliminated. The arguments presented on that page defending the Kankers basically boils down to "But they aren't the Scrappy, they have fans!". Having fans does not make them any less of a scrappy. You can find plenty of people who loves Scrappy Doo, however you'll find plenty more who hates him.

Personally, I think they should stay there. I have seen the show, and they do nothing more than cause greif to the main characters for no real reason. My personal feelings aside, if nobody has ever seen the show, all that clutter seems confusing. I'll clean it up in about a day or two myself if nobody has anything else to say.
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