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08:19:19 AM Aug 21st 2014
Frankie "Dishpan" Santana from Season 5 of the A-Team has to qualify, surely. He narrowly ducks being an Ethnic scrappy, since he doesn't act all that stereotypically, but the fact that he's just suddenly on the Team, and everybody else seems to be forced into the backseat to accomadate his role was one of the more horrible things about that ill-fated final season of the show.
09:33:24 AM Aug 21st 2014
I guess you can propose them here.
01:58:13 PM Apr 3rd 2013

I removed this for a couple of reasons. First of all, Chuck has his own page. Since Luxanna is a character he hates, she should be put there. Second of all, Riker and Deanna had known each other before the series began. They dated for a while. They have UST throughout the entire show. That was not their first date. Thirdly, Deanna was in an arranged marriage with somebody else. Luxuanna didn't arrange it all by herself. It's a marriage custom. Luxanna isn't forcing her. Lastly, Luxanna is not being a hypocrite. There is a huge difference between walking around nude of your own free will and having your clothes teleported off your body without your consent.
07:40:50 AM Dec 25th 2012
So I notice Marley and Lindsey of 'The New Adventures Of Old Christine' is on this list. I always felt like they were designed to be unlikeable, so I don't know if they apply or not.
07:21:20 AM Sep 20th 2012
I could of sworn I left a discussion about Ros from "A Game of Thrones". Anyway, I don't think she qualifies. What was being discussed in the entry I deleted more described Creator's Pet.

12:02:23 PM Aug 19th 2012

I pulled this out because it more describes Die for Our Ship and Base Breaker. Tara does have a lot of fans; Scrappies are widely hated.
08:21:46 AM Aug 20th 2012
  • Gwen is supposed to be the 'human element' of the group, which apparently means being The Load for an annoying proportion of episodes and taking extremely obtuse objections to the way Torchwood operates. Add to this more than a few Mary Sue traits (I seem to remember every regular character, male or female, has had at least one romantic subplot with her despite her flat personality) and she certainly fits this trope.

Removed the entry about Gwen for the the same reason. She gets a lot of hate on AGA, but she does have communities dedicated to liking her. That's not the case for a Scrappy.
05:05:19 PM Aug 20th 2012
At least one romantic subplot with every...give me a break.
11:37:56 AM Aug 22nd 2011
The entry for Claire Bennet was pulled because unlike Maya and Alejandro (not to mention Mohinder), she was never that widely hated - not to mention actually doing useful stuff throughout each of the four seasons. Also, anyone who goes out on their own to take down villains and takes advantage of the fact that she can never get drunk to win money surely can't count as a Scrappy...
08:18:10 PM Sep 16th 2010
I pulled the Jericho example mainly because its seems the Jericho Broken Base can't even seem to agree on how to word the damn thing. Plus Emily was never really universally disliked even at worst they were several Emily friendly boards and sites and many fans really didn't care either way. Emily had detractors certainly but really no more than say Sam Anders or Jadzia Dax.