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09:53:28 AM Dec 29th 2016
I can't stand the Poopourri lady getting in the way of the videos I watch on YouTube. What does anyone else think?
06:29:54 PM Nov 13th 2016
edited by BackgroundGuy
Some of these examples come off as a public pillory for personal pet peeve promotions - I just love alliteration. I'm going to remove the ones that just say "X is annoying" and not "The public found X to be very annoying and that annoyance can be seen today."
04:21:32 AM Aug 5th 2014
It feels like 95% of these "scrappys" are taking the examples in commercials at face value, accentuating the negative, equating having a successful ad campaign to wasting money/cheating their consumers out of money, linking a commercial to an ugly word like child poverty or prejudice. Showing children being something other than cute little obedient perfect PC angels as opposed to you know children. Being metaphoric. Being literal. And probably the biggest offender talking about goods and services and trying to sell you something. It seems like every memorable ad is on here, which is my point, this doesn't seem to be list of advertisements' which people do not like and reasons why, it seems like here is a list of advertisements, which people do not like and here's why. With people so annoyed at YouTube ads, the popularity of ad block, Hulu, DV Rs it seems any situation where ads are being played repeatedly is making a small but vocal community of people who don't like a certain ad, it gets posted here, where a response of hey I liked it, (I'm not a sore person who got a comment deleted on tho page I just know TV Tropes), multiplied by hundreds has created a page where being able to be recalled makes an ad annoying. You don't have to buy my theory but can a mod or something at least look at this page and count the number of times someone wrote something because they took something at face value miscontrued it as an callous/ offensive remark, is critiquing the company, is annoyed by children not acting like mature adults, think the mascot of a company is annoying for trying to sell their product,takes an implausible effect of a product as genuine indicator of its effectiveness. Or complains about an advert played often. For a point of reference most of the Geico ads are on here, this troper now does not know who has good ads? Head On?
06:33:20 AM Sep 8th 2013
Is Flo a scrappy? From what I've seen she has had a mainly good reception.
07:10:26 AM Jan 26th 2013
edited by SamMax
Is it just me, or is this page a disorganized mess? Why are there Burger King, Subway and cereal Commercials in the Automobiles section? Not to mention some parts are basically repeating themselves.
10:57:05 AM Jan 13th 2013
Anyone else hate the Capital One "Visigoths"? You know, those viking guys who aren't much like actual visigoths and have a kid with a beard?
11:12:48 PM Oct 12th 2012
Some of these companies seem to forget the concept of 'test audiences'.
08:00:33 AM Jul 3rd 2012
04:32:10 PM May 26th 2012
edited by Rabukurafuto
"The guy from the commercials for the Amazon Kindle. He's supposed to make you want a Kindle, but he just makes you want to hit him over the head with a book."

This tells me nothing. Which Amazon Kindle advert? What's so annoying about "the guy" in it? Could someone elaborate on this because I've looked a number of Kindle adverts on YouTube and none seemed to match this complaint.
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