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05:41:00 PM Sep 25th 2013
I find it rather interesting that neither Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story have any entries on this page...
12:41:35 PM Dec 30th 2010
Deleting this:

"Taris, the first level of the game. This level sucks, there are even 'Skip Taris' mods on the net for players to avoid this level on the PC version. The quests on this planet are all pointless and designed to force the player to squander XP in an unofficial level cap. The player wastes time wandering around Taris to do nothing but collect irritating sidekicks, something that could be done on other worlds. Even more annoying is the fact that in a game about Jedi Knights, that there is no building up of Jedi skills while on Taris. The whole level could have been edited out of the game without any effect on the overall game. Throw in the irritating Pazaak card game and annoying swoop race and it becomes tempting to find and use one of those Skip Taris mods. Pointless."

Yeah, that sounds more like "this section is pointless and I hate it," as opposed to "this section is frustratingly difficult and makes me want to pull my hair out." Also, in a bit of sour grapes, I actually liked the Taris section.