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02:24:03 PM Oct 16th 2016
Much like with ThatOneAttack.Rhythm, the Guitar Hero folder is a massive wall of zero context examples.

Please do not add any of these examples back without adding context first.

01:13:18 PM Aug 9th 2011
edited by MadDogBV
The rhythm games section of "That One Boss" is an embarrassment. This section is basically weighed down by enormous amounts of natter mostly consisting of "that's not the one boss, THIS is the one boss". I'll go through all of it in the future but I remind people that "That One Boss" is NOT the final boss, nor is it a bonus boss. It is a boss that was not intended to be insanely hard by the developers, but for the sake of argument, actually is.

TL;DR - there are too many examples here and 90% of them all need to be removed. End of story.
12:38:06 PM Oct 15th 2011
edited by zaphod77
I belive that fairly often the song is intended to be that hard, in rhythm games. there's no such thing as a song that ended up much harder than intended. It was charted, discovered to be difficult, and left the way it was. What makes a song truly that one boss is

a) massive difficulty spike compared to everything before it

b) remains hard even after you've beaten it.

If your reaction after beating a song is "dear gods, i never want to play it again" then probably belongs on this page.

As the intro says, the usual standards don't always apply here because of the flexibility in selecting songs given.
04:36:41 AM Jan 30th 2014
I question the validity of calling a song in rhythm games a "boss" to begin with. Wouldn't the examples fit better in That One Level?
01:24:37 PM May 21st 2010
edited by kitsunezeta
Re: Bodhisattva's BRE (and BRE's in general): They chart the entire song before anyone even considers putting in a Big Rock Ending. This means that they chart it as appropriate for the players. Cherub Rock serves as a good second example, as the BRE is considered completely unnecessary by a lot of the players. Underneath that BRE is an otherwise identical figure when compared to the intro passages.

And the animation is not dictated by the charts. Looking at Foreplay's drum chart and the corresponding animation, you'll see a LOT more crash hits than are charted (especially look at the end of Foreplay). This Calling's chart also has an anomaly: during the first cymbal run of the quiet part, the drummer's animation suggests a green-blue cymbal run (two cymbals are used), but the actual run is a green-only cymbal run. Hard to Handle (or was it Gimme Three Steps? not sure) on Vocals actually has a phrase during the BRE, and the game judges it as if it was not a BRE (it is the ONLY song in the game that has this, and it's probably a bug)
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