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03:23:25 AM Aug 10th 2014
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Can we add bosses from the fanmade games (Zeta and Omicron) here?
03:36:00 AM Aug 10th 2014
I think that usually, subpages of the canon work don't get information from fanworks.
12:23:12 PM Sep 9th 2014
Fanmade game examples don't get put here.
07:59:18 AM May 29th 2014
Without meaning to be rude...are we really counting a level 5 starter battle as a "That One Boss"? I mean, I get that it's YMMV, but...really?
06:17:20 AM Jun 20th 2014
Pokemon fans.
06:28:11 AM Jun 20th 2014
It's a case of Early Game Hell.
06:30:31 PM Oct 14th 2013
I added Siebold from X and Y to the list. It's possible that he could be a Breather Boss but it's a YMMV entry so it varies from person to person.
06:48:45 PM Oct 14th 2013
I'm gong to cut him for now. the game just came out so we need time to gather more opinions. Let's wait until the 26th of October before adding anyone.
07:28:53 PM Oct 14th 2013
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Well, I can't beat him at all. Sure, everyone else is overlevelled but the only overlevelled Pokemon I have are the two starters and that's it.
09:56:47 PM Oct 14th 2013
That right there is a good reason to wait for more feedback.
12:01:46 PM Oct 21st 2013
The Korrina Gym Battle should be mentioned too because of her damned Hawlucha and it's Flying Press attack.
12:18:54 PM Oct 21st 2013
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I don't really think Korrina was objectively very tough. I don't remember any aspects of the fight being difficult or tricky, including Flying Press. It was a fairly straightforward gym battle against a boss who wasn't overlevelled. It's not like Flying Press is a gamebreaker or anything.

EDIT: Well, I see it got added to the page. I find that surprising... but not as surprising as her Lucarios. I must've been severely overlevelled or something because they weren't stronger than my Pokemon... not to mention there were only two. But at least that fight mentions why they're on the list, while the Gym fight is just saying "Flying Press!" without saying why it's supposedly hard.
02:53:13 PM Nov 16th 2013
Why is Lysdare there? He gets steamrolled with the legendary you literally get just before the fight.
05:56:47 PM Nov 19th 2013
Lysandre's difficulty is severely overexaggerated here. I know difficulty is subjective, but unless you never use the exp share at all, his levels won't be all that high. And even if you don't use Xerneas/Yveltal, his team with the possible exception of Mega Gyarados isn't that tough. Maybe the wording should be toned down and not totally overblown like it is now.
12:42:26 AM Jan 5th 2014
Yep. Lysandre doesn't belong at all. I ko'd his entire team with an Yveltal spamming Oblivion Wing, and I can't imagine how easy it is for Xerneas, a Pokemon that hits super-effective on three of his Pokemon and can use a stat boosting move as soon as you catch it. Gamefreak literally hands you the key to victory right before the battle.

I don't think Korrina belongs either (or any of the gym leaders).

I didn't have trouble with Siebold because Avalugg chewed up his Gyarados without any effort, but he's a good choice just because Dragon Dance Gyarados is always scary for someone who isn't expecting it.
03:11:50 PM Jul 24th 2013
Why is Jasmine listed on both this page AND Breather Boss? It doesn't make any sense...
01:37:33 AM Jul 25th 2013
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Because YMMV. In my opinion, a lot of what's on this page really doesn't deserve to be here. Likewise, I assume there are people who disagree with the presence of some of the stuff on the Breather Boss page.
05:53:22 AM Jun 20th 2013
I do remember Sabrina being hard in the original Red/Blue/Yellow. But I do also remember her being much easier in Gold/Silver, due to Dark and Steel types? Anyone agree/disagree?
01:03:48 AM Jan 5th 2014
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She was easier for these reasons...
  • Special stat was split into Special Attack and Special Defense. Pokemon with high Special got a nerf in one of those two categories. Psychics typically got lower Special Defense than Special Attack and were no longer tank-like against attacks like Flamethrower or Blizzard.
  • At the same time, the Special split helped physical attackers. In Red and Blue, most Pokemon with high Attack (to hit the Psychics' weak physical defense) had garbage Special, so Alakazam could just outspeed and one-hit-kill with Psychic. Many physical attackers got Special Defense buffs; Snorlax is probably the most famous example, since he went from being terrible against Psychics unless he could set up with Amnesia to laughing at them.
  • Kanto was post-game, so you had plenty of time to build a powerful team, which might have included the incredibly Special-resilient Ho-oh or Lugia.
  • Her team was very under-leveled like most of the Kanto gym leaders. Compare this to her early-forties team in Red and Blue or her level 50 Alakazam in Yellow.
  • There were more Pokemon that weren't weak to Psychic available beforehand. In RBY, there were over thirty Poison types, and every Fighting type in the game was also located before Sabrina's gym. There weren't nearly as many Poison types in gen 2, and there were more Psychic-resistant Pokemon like Jynx available beforehand.

Steel and Dark didn't actually help that much. Steel had Magneton, Forretress, and Skarmory (If you were playing Silver) unless you had someone to trade with. Dark had zilch besides Umbreon at that point.

I don't think rby Sabrina is necessarily difficult though if you're prepared for Alakazam's sheer power and recovery; the ai is also terrible, so bringing any high Special Pokemon with a physical attack will end him pretty quickly.
04:34:58 PM Dec 5th 2012
First off, I'll admit I haven't actually played PBR, but...We're really calling a final boss using Chansey difficult to defeat now? I mean...use any physical attack. That's not difficult. Then again, Golbat and Kingler are apparently stupidly hard too...I just...really don't agree with calling a final boss "that one boss" if they've got such a lackluster team. Especially when that's tacked onto a remark about how you're fighting dozens of legendaries just to get there.

Maybe if it were like one of those hack final bosses where they've got a team of legendaries that's 10 levels higher than what you can be expected to have, I'd see where it's coming from, but that team really doesn't seem overpowered by the standards of the Pokemon series.
04:53:20 PM Oct 29th 2012
I'll be perfectly honest: I did not find Colress that hard. Though that might be because I managed to take out Klinklang before he had a chance to really take advantage of its Shift Gears move (it helped that when it used Giga Impact after using Shift Gears three times, it missed), and I also took Beeheeyem out in one hit, before it had a chance to do anything...
05:20:20 AM Oct 30th 2012
Honestly, I one hit KO'd every member of his team that didn't have Sturdy without being overleveled. Then again, if I removed everyone I didn't find SO DIFFICULT, this page wouldn't exist...
05:49:48 PM Nov 13th 2012
I agree. Having any ground types gets rid of the difficulty, apparently.
09:37:41 AM Oct 7th 2012
Would it be possible to add Hacks onto the list of games? Not all of them, but maybe certain ones (ones that have a Tv Tropes page, for example)? Just wanted to ask.
08:12:40 PM Oct 19th 2012
No, an example of a hack That One Boss was removed because this is for the official games.
09:18:56 PM Dec 6th 2011
Declining cut request on the ptitle redirect, due to 136 inbound links.
03:34:12 PM Dec 2nd 2011
edited by Yomegami
Today, I noticed that a bunch of remarks concerning pokemon who have counters to their counters (worded such as "Thinking about using X? Prepare to get steamrolled by Y's Z!") were removed. The reason given was that it was going into Walkthrough Mode.

However, to me such comments aren't telling the player how to win; they're elaborating. I guess it's a little Walkthrough Mode (it could be interpreted as "Don't use those types"), but really it's more "You know how tough this boss is? This boss can wipe the floor with you even if you came prepared!"

As such, is there a better reason not to have those comments here, or did my logic make sense and justify their presence?
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