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03:26:01 PM Dec 4th 2014
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The header of the page reads:
  • Please keep in mind that if there's an easy method to take out a boss, they're not this trope.
  • your example shouldn't read, "Unless you do..." or "But if you have..." If there is a trick to defeating the boss, it's probably not an example in the first place.

  • (MM 1) Elec Man is hard but if you have the Rolling Cutter, he is defeated in four hits.
  • (MM 1) Ice Man is hard unless you do realize how to time your jumping and if you have Elec Man's Thunder Beam
  • (MM 2) Crash Man is hard unless you do shoot once to make him jump, then shoot and hit while he's falling down.
  • (MM 3) The Yellow Devil's technique "bounce across the room in pieces" is easy to dodge: just walk straight under it.
  • (MM 6) Flame Man is hard unless you do notice the pattern of his flame blast.
  • (MM 6) Power Piston is hard unless you do stick against the left wall, where all its falling rocks will miss and most of your Silver Tomahawks will hit.
  • (MM 7) Burst Man is hard unless you do dodge his Danger Wraps and tap the shooting button against his bubble wall; that said, he is actually rather easy.
  • (M Mw 5) Dark Moon is easier than the Yellow Devils from MM 1 and MM 3.
  • (MMX 1) Storm Eagle is an easy battle; you can always jump and hit him with a charged shot, but if you have the Chameleon Sting, he is a pushover.
  • (MMX 1) Boomer Kuwanger is hard, but if you have the Homing Torpedoes, he is a pushover.
  • (MMX 3) Neon Tiger might be hard, but if you have the Spinning Blade, he is locked in a simple loop.
  • (MMX 3) Bit is hard unless you do understand his attack pattern and you have Blizzard Buffalo's Frost Shield, the weapon he is weak against.
  • (MMX:SE) Volt Catfish might be difficult, but if you have the weapon he is weak against, he becomes a pushover.
  • (MMX 5) Duff Mc Whalen / Tidal Whale might be hard, but if you have Crescent Grizzly's special weapon, he is a pushover.

Further note: in MMZ 4, you can definitely revisit stages, only one or two are an exception (and one of these is the first stage where Kraft is fought).
03:51:27 AM Sep 28th 2013
One of the example reads "but if you have Flash Stopper" and the first example in Mega Man 10 involving troper talking about themselves.
12:56:57 AM Feb 19th 2013
Why does this page in my watchlist show up as "That One Boss: Megaman" instead of "That One Boss: Mega Man"? It's bugging me.
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