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04:12:01 AM Jul 20th 2012
Is it possible to delete or edit the Shadow Rise and Shadow Teddie examples? It says that you don't get healed in between fights when you do...
12:25:59 PM Jun 25th 2013
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I took care of it.
01:35:25 PM Jul 9th 2012
Is it odd that I don't find Atlus games all that hard? Sure there are a few hard bosses but very seldomly is it something I can't handle. On the rare occasion that it is something I can't handle I can just grind a few levels and fight it again.
03:07:42 PM Feb 7th 2011
edited by Videogamer07
Taken from ThatOneBoss/RPG:

  • Persona 3 deserves special mention. Specifically the Fortune Strength fight. Essentially you have to fight Strength because it's protecting Fortune. Sitting out doesn't stop fortune from using a roulette attack every turn, which either deals a random amount of damage to a random side, or inflicts a random status effect on a random side (From which the boss seems to recover much more easily. Suffice to say, when the status effect that still leaves you in control of your party is the worst result, something is very wrong.

I don't know if the P3 entry here is missing anything from the above, so I'll leave it here, just in case.
05:58:16 AM Jul 20th 2010
Needs an "other" under "Not Shin Megami Tensei"
02:56:56 PM Jun 29th 2010
Any reason why Shadow Teddie was deleted?
05:02:21 AM Jun 14th 2010
I'm kinda disturbed by all the Devil Survivor bosses on there. It's not that hard of a game at all. You just need to understand and use the game mechanics properly! Escort missions for example, are made trivial as long as you keep a few movement ability demons in stock.

For a concrete example, Belial. Belial only has two attack types, fire and physical. You could observe this by say, losing once. After you lose, it's easy enough at that point to fuse a Rangda (reflect phys) with Null Fire (from Brigid). The fact that Devil Survivor makes you control skill inheritance is a damn great thing. Null Fire for the MC can be gotten from free battles. Knowing that, watch as you rush into the Belial and kill him in 3 turns or less.

The other bosses are similar, they only have a limited number of attack types, and you can exploit it. This isn't a problem of the game being too hard, it's the problem of the players, thus not fit for That One Boss.
12:48:43 PM Jun 4th 2010
The Summon Night series isn't by Atlus, it's by Banpresto. Atlus just took it upon themselves to handle US localization/distribution.
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