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02:47:35 AM Nov 25th 2011
edited by DoctorNemesis
Okay, I know this is by it's nature YMMV, and I made this point on the old Discussion page before it apparently got nuked by the shift, but I feel it still needs to be said:

  • Combined with Shout-Out and maybe a little Take That!. C'mon, you know you shed a little tear with this dialog, when Leonard and Sheldon are signing the Roommates Agreements:
    Sheldon: (Reading) "Roommates agree that Friday nights should be reserved for watching Joss Whedon's brilliant new series Firefly".
    Leonard: Does that really need to be in the agreement?.
    Sheldon: Might as well settle it now, it's gonna be on for years.

Seriously? It's an off-the-cuff joke. I've nothing against Firefly and to each their own, but I really have to suggest that anyone who seriously views the above as a 'Tear Jerker' is perhaps being a bit over-sensitive.
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