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11:20:57 AM Dec 7th 2011
I'm not sure, but that last example and replies to it (especially the second one) seem a bit off for a Tear Jerker page. True, that event may have driven _some_ people to tears, YMMV and all, but... IMHO, I was always under the impression that Tear Jerkers related to things that even people outside the fandom could reasonably understand. The thing is, videogames having perfectly defined voice actors is a fairly recent practice, so the 2005 VA switch, while jarring to longtime fans, is really not much of a big deal when put in perspective. And yes, I AM a fan of Sonic (since 2003, so I still caught the old V As), and I WAS pissed when they did it. So I CAN understand the kind of feeling that took whoever wrote the example to post it. Nonsensical? Yes. Annoying? Yes. Frustrating? Yes. Nail-bitingly unfair? Oh SO VERY yes. But worthy of tears enough to be on a page like this? I don't think so. If you want meta examples of Sonic related sad moments, you've got Deem Bristow's death, Long John Baldry's death, Ben Hurst's death... The latter whom pretty much took any chance of finishing Sat AM proper to his grave, I might add, or, for one that doesn't end in death - barely, as the one developer who caught pneumonia trying to finish the damn thing can attest to, the whole history behind Sonic X-Treme's status as Vaporware. And even then, I'm pushing it. Bottom line is, I understand the example being there, but it's kind of out of place, and puts the VA switch in an overly emotional light that I don't really associate with the normally unbiased TV Tropes. I just didn't remove it right away because, well, I'm not a grade-A jerk, and I want to know if there are any objections before I do so. Cheers.
05:12:47 PM May 3rd 2010
Should the Tear Jerkers from the TV shows be here?
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