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09:20:01 PM Mar 6th 2012
No mention of Mimi's part of Goodbye Love? That left me a blubbering mess the first time I heard it, and I still cry without fail every time I've heard since. Right from "Every word" to "Goodbye love/Hello diseeease", both the movies deleted scene and the play productions I've seen. She knows she's going to die; she just wanted to have love until then, but Roger's too much of a coward to watch it happen (even though he criticizes Mark for it) and she loves him too much to try to make him stay. She's trying to be strong ("just to came to say goodbye love") even as she's terrified of her imminent, lonely death. She's also seen how Angel died, so she know what's in store her, but Angel had Collins with her the entire time, Mimi won't have Roger. Just...agghh, makes me sob every time. Also the ending scene where Roger regrets leaving her as Mimi's dying. The tears become happy when she revives, though.
09:22:54 PM Mar 6th 2012
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