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10:05:33 AM Aug 1st 2015
Could we PLEASE stop editing over other people's subjective opinions in order to push our own version of events? If you think a character's actions are irrational, find an appropriate place to put them -WMG or Fridge Logic are good places for discussing motivations, rationalisations, and the appropriate reactions. Or add a bullet point, if your opinion is also Tearjerker worthy. Unless something is provably, demonstrably WRONG, YMMV tropes make allowance for it. If someone finds it sad, it's sad.
01:08:49 AM Aug 3rd 2015
No one's debating whether or not it's sad...so...

If I might make an observation, the person relevant to this discussion who is editing over the opinions of others is you. I expanded the entry regarding Antimony's separation, not rewrote it.

As to discussing such things as appropriate reactions, I would venture to suggest that it is my own subjective opinion that it is Tear Jerker-y that Antimony considers lopping off parts of her personality to be a valid decision.
07:22:50 AM Aug 3rd 2015
You rephrased someone else's example to make it seem like Antimony had done this because she was lazily taking the easy way out instead of the only one she could find. You changed the intent behind something another person found saddening to support your own dislike of the character. Don't do it again.
12:25:08 AM Aug 14th 2015
edited by Eagal
She is lazily taking the easy way out, so I'm not seeing the problem there.

"The only one she could find"? So, what's Kat? Or Renard? Chopped liver? Relating your woes to a friendly ear is oft therapeutic, certainly a better idea than using one's psychic powers to mutilate oneself because gosh, my best friends who are always willing to lend a shoulder to cry on are not within my immediate range of vision.

Disliking a character is not the same as disliking a character's actions.

And please, say please instead of ordering people around. It makes them more likely to comply with your requests. :)
08:08:31 PM Apr 7th 2015
edited by KarkatTheDalek
Something I noticed:

◦ Annie stealing Kat's homework is finally revealed, and the shocked and dejected looks on Kat's face when she hears Anthony call Annie out on her behavior just proves that, no, Annie never asked Kat if it was okay for her to do that.

Having checked the page in question, it doesn't look clear to me at all whether Kat looks shocked and dejected, or guilty and sorrowful. My point being, I'm not entirely certain whether Kat knew or not.

Of course, this is a YMMV page, so it's up to the individual what counts as a tearjerker; however, this entry seems to take for granted that Kat didn't know about the homework. I personally think the entry should be altered to reflect the page's ambiguous nature, but I'm not sure how many people would agree with me, nor am I certain whether my interpretation is correct. Thoughts?

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