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08:35:10 AM Jul 3rd 2015
edited by TheOneWhoTropes
"Don't ask me to stand aside as you climb on that pyre. I won't watch you burn!"
Ser Jorah Mormont

"Robb! Get up! Get up and walk out! Please! PLEASE...!"
Lady Catelyn Stark

"Do you remember that cave? We should have stayed in that cave."

"Forgive me."
King Stannis Baratheon

Lord Commander Snow

To Troll Brutal and Snake300: This is the list of quotes I have removed from the top of the page. pick a quote from the show(it doesn't have to be one of the ones above) that shows the Tearjerker trope, and try and pick one that stands out without context, or provides its own context within it. Things like a character saying someone's name are terrible and show nothing. I only want ONE quote at the top of this page, the rest (if they are worthy) can go on the Quotes.Game Of Thrones page. And please stop Edit Warring here.
08:39:30 AM Jul 3rd 2015
I don't want to get into it, but I would say Ygritte's quote and the early Robert Baratheon quote about Lyanna are Tearjerkers to outside observers. Jorah's quote above is not a Tearjerker. Stannis' Forgive Me I'd let in.

I also like Sansa's quote about Lady a lot.

09:24:09 AM Jul 3rd 2015
edited by TrollBrutal
As I said in the edit reason, Robert's one conveys tragedy by itself, it doesn't rely on the context or your opinion of the man, he shows he's a broken man with a broken heart, even if he was Loving a Shadow, while there is nothing really tearjerky about Jorah's, since Daenerys does not die, she's alive and well and her Plot Armor is not going to change that anytime soon. Heartwarming sure, but that's it. It's telling that the previous quotes are all about actual death.

I think that restoring another's editor line, once, with a reason is not edit warring.

One quote per page is fine, it's the rules... the one quote per season worked okay until these sprees of changes broke it, but it was meant to be removed eventually. However snake300 deciding once again that a quote already present in the quotes tab shouldn't be placed elsewhere has no base at all.

10:37:58 AM Jul 3rd 2015
I would go with the Robert Baratheon quote about Lyanna too.
11:35:16 AM Jul 3rd 2015
As long as it's not one that's already been quoted for the episode entry than I'm fine with the choice. Robert's moping to Cersei already was. One quotation per Season is a pretty good restraint as well.
04:08:53 PM Jul 4th 2015
03:15:31 AM Jul 5th 2015
edited by TrollBrutal
That's a non sequitur. Different pages may have different or overlapping content, it doesn't have to be mutually exclusive, you can list a character trope on main and you can list it again in the respective subpage, unless there is a consensus against it. A line can be quotable, funny, and sad at the same time, and you have no base nor right to unilaterally remove it from any of those individuals subpages invoking redundancy. I'm gonna report it the next time in fact.

How to Write an Example
03:45:34 AM Jul 5th 2015
There is consensus about Robert's line, so I'm readding it.
04:32:20 AM Jul 5th 2015
I second it.
04:46:43 PM Jul 5th 2015
I think it is good too.
09:29:55 PM May 11th 2014
Can someone fix the episode order and organization here? It's impossible to find anything with the episodes and seasons not only not matched, but mixed.
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